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That akward moment..

A couple of months ago I went for a walk with some friends of mine and we were walking by a church and there was a wedding going on there and it seemed like they wanted to do something cute and romantic for their wedding so they lit one of those paper lanterns,(I’m not sure if this is how they are called in english) and they let it fly to the sky and it just went up until a point and then immediatelly went down and stood on a tree next to the church.. and they were all watching it with a really sad expression on their faces.They were worried about the tree being on fire but I don’t think thats really easy to happen when the leafs are fresh and green but the paper lantern was indeed on fire and there was a chance that a part of it might fall down on the dried leafs that were on the earth. SO ROMANTIC… (the reality picture was taken by me when all this happened.. xD)


First post wooooooo!

Today I finally had my first day at the school I was trying SO HARD to enroll in the latest time… Honestly there was nothing wrong with my previous one but somehow the whole feeling I had about it wasn’t really nice.. I had so much fun today and everyone seems sooo nice :D I hope the rest of my days are as fun as this one :D